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Very authentic (5 Star)

Very nice replica of the ichthyosaur. Very authentic and a wonderful wall decoration.

Review by Rüdiger Heine, Germany 07-Apr-2022

Exquisite (5 Star)

Absolutely stunning replica - amazingly realistic and detailed. Very very impressed 

Review by Kate Acheson-Dumbrava, Sherborne 29-Oct-2021

Scientifically accurate! outstanding (5 Star)

Ichthyosaur received and what can I say, OUTSTANDING cast, it is close to perfection. Remarkable work of the preparator and after a remarkable work of casting. Congratulations. Sincerely it is probably one of my my best cast, you can without any hesitation put the word on your replica museum quality. Incredible if you look very close to the plate you can see tiny bone flakes removed from the skeleton and you don't have miss to colour it. FANTASTIC

Review by maingeot manuel, Belgium 01-Aug-2021

Awesome replica! (5 Star)

Craig answered to all questions in no time, produced the cast and shipped it within one week. The replica is fantastic, the detail is very fine and precise, the painting is realistic and doesn't cover any detail, it's basically build with a resin cast applied over a very heavy plywood board. Possibly little heavier than fiberglass casts but the overall result is very robust. Side by side with different makers' replicas this really stands out for detail and painting. Couldn't be happier!

Review by Michele Caletti, Varese (Italy) 22-Apr-2021

Great way to own a unique specimen (5 Star)

Although not perfect, as with any real fossil (having some colourless specks and apparent lumps), still an overall impressive piece and great way to own and hold such an remarkable relic of ancient life! Certainly a conversation starter, and for a very fair price!

Review by Alexander VINKELES MELCHERS, Strasbourg 24-Apr-2020