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Decorative Replica Pentacrinites fossilis Fossil

Hand Made & Painted light weight resin replica backed with a wooden board

Dimensions 40 cm x35 cm x 5 cm

Please note that the volumetric weight that is calculated for shipping does not represent the actual weight of the replica. This replica is hand made from a strong lightweight plastic and backed with a plywood board.

It takes several hours to hand paint a replica to a level that is close to the original because of the detail and subtle colours involved.

Pentacrinites is an extinct genus of crinoids that lived from the Hettangian to the Bathonian. Their stems are pentagonal to star-shaped in cross-section and are the most commonly preserved parts. Pentacrinites are commonly found in the Pentacrinites Bed of the Early Jurassic (Lower Lias) of Lyme Regis, Dorset, England.Pentacrinites can be recognized by the extensions (or cirri) all around the stem, which are long, unbranching, and of increasing length further down, the very small cup and 5 long freely branching arms.

This is a hand painted replica, therefore the colours might be slightly different to the pictured item.



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Decorative Replica Pentacrinites fossilis Fossil

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