Double Euaspidoceras Preparation

Rare Double Euaspidoceras ammonite

Middle Oxfordian (Jurassic)

Dorset England

Two wonderful rare Euaspidoceras ammonites preserved one above the other.  Below are images of the ammonites during preparation. I have left some rock surrounding the spikes, this will be removed at the end.


I also start to coat the spikes in thin superglue to give added strength, they tend to be very fragile with micro fractures running through them.



Ammonites from this locality are difficult to prepare due to the hardness of the rock and a high number of broken shells etc that are mixed in with the matrix. This makes it more difficult to differentiate between the fossil ammonite and the shells especially when the shells are in contact with the spikes.


Some of the spikes are missing due to the rigors of coastal erosion, both before fossilisation and after. Having prepared a few of these specimens the centers tend to be the best preserved with either good calcite or pyrite preservation. In this case, the ammonites have excellent calcite preservation with marble-like colours.

Euaspidoceras Ammonite

Euaspidoceras Ammonite


The larger ammonite measures 14 cm at its widest point the smaller 8.5 cm




I have coated the ammonites in thin Paraloid to protect and add contrast to their colours.