Ichthyosaurus larkini Fossil Replica

Having completed the preparation of the original larkini Ichthyosaur it is time to mold the original and make casts. This is a great way for sharing the specimen for others to enjoy.

The cast is slightly 3D in nature due to the original being preserved in a nodule. Therefore the replica will make an ideal table top display piece rather than being wall mounted as it has a curved underside

The cast has been hand painted and is made from a light weight but strong resin.

Please see images below of the new replica.

The replica measures 82.5 cm x 38 cm x 9 cm

IMG_3222Ichthyosaurus larkiniIchthyosaurus larkini Ichthyosaurus larkini Ichthyosaurus larkini Ichthyosaurus larkini



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